Last GraTel meeting November 20th 2012 in room 178 at LaBRI.

4 talks: 9h-9h30: Aline Parreau: coloration identifiante 9h30-10h: Sagnik Sen: Radio coloring of oriented graphs. 10h30-11h: Julio Araujo: Weighted colouring 11h-11h45: Frédéric Havet:Backbone colouring 12h Lunch, discussion

  • Participants: J. Araujo, P. Dorbec, F. Havet, M. Montassier, A. Parreau, A. Pêcher, A. Raspaud, S. Sen, E. Sopena.

Projet Review meeting ANR-NSC. 2011

17-18 October 2011, Taipei.

Mid-term workshop (4th meeting) - March 11-12, 2011 - Taipei

  • Participants: N. Cohenn, G. Chang, F. Havet, M. Montassier, A. Pecher, A. Raspaud, L.D. Tong, T.L. Wong, X. Zhu
  • website
  • reasearch focus on graph partitions with bounded degrees

Third meeting (Minutes) - November 18th, 2010 - Bordeaux

  • Participants: J.C. Bermond, G. Chang, P. Dorbec, F. Havet, M. Montassier, A. Pêcher, A. Raspaud, E. Sopena, X. Zhu.
  • preparation of Mid-term workshop (Taipei): date, french visits expected
  • recall the project identifiant for publications: ANR-09-blan-0373-01
  • preparation of mid-term report (June 2011): there is already a report for the NSC with a list of co-publications
  • Bordeaux PhD position: it will be from January 2011 to December 2013
  • Sophia one year postdoc position is likely to start from September 2011
  • Note: in Bordeaux, there is another PhD student (Petru Valicov) working on the project (national grant)
  • Website: add the list of publications

Seminar on Graph Theory (2nd Meeting) March 19-21, 2010 - Kaohsiung

  • Participants: G. Chang, P. Dorbec, D.J. Guan, M. Montassier, A. Raspaud, L.D. Tong, T.L. Wong, X. Zhu
  • Scheduling of the missions for the second half of the year

First Meeting, Paris, January 20, 2010

  • Participants: D.J. Guan, F. Havet, M. Montassier, A. Pêcher, P. Pesneau, A. Raspaud, L.S. Rocha, E Sopena, X Zhu
  • open session problems: details are in the "Works in progress" webpage

List of missions



  • Nathann Cohen
  • Frederic Havet
  • Mickael Montassier
  • Arnaud Pëcher
  • André Raspaud



  • Gerard Chang
  • D.J. Guan
  • Li-Da Tong (March to July, 4 months)
  • Xuding Zhu (January + November)


  • Nathann Cohen
  • Paul Dorbec
  • Mickaël Montassier
  • André Raspaud
  • Leonardo Sampiao Rocha


  • Frédéric Havet (->Bordeaux, twice)