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Abstract of the project

André Raspaud launched in 2005 a fruitful cooperation with the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Sun Yat-Sen University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This project takes its roots from this three years cooperation (including one PhD student in double doctoral degree scheme). The field of ``Telecommunications'' is a well-known key application area of graph theory. The scientific aim of this proposal is to tackle telecommunications problems, especially wireless communications problems, with the help of graph colorings and polyhedral graph theory.

All participants to this project have a strong commitment to graph theory and benefit from the expertise of the team Mascotte in telecommunication network design and from the expertise of the team RealOpt in mathematical programming. This project is a great opportunity to establish a collaborative research action between the two INRIA teams RealOpt and Mascotte.

It builds a strong research network between french researchers in graph theory (from Bordeaux, Grenoble and Sophia-Antipolis) and the Taiwanese discrete mathematic research community (from the Sun Yat-sen University, the National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica).

This ANR/NSC project is registered with numbers ANR-09-blan-0373-01 and NSC99-2923-M-110-001-MY3.